About us

We are Laura & Sami!

We are passionate about traveling, organizing our vacations and getting away from a place when we have the opportunity.

We do not live from this blog,  we have our full-time office work and with our savings we travel as much as we can. We design and write in our free time because it is something we liked and we do not feel it is a job.

We like to encourage others to change the stereotype that traveling is expensive and that you need to stop working to really enjoy the trips. We write for people who continue with their daily tasks but who want to maximise their holiday period. This is why we share tips on how to save while traveling and with those savings, continue to make more travels.

We would also like to help others who have the idea of ​​living abroad. We know that it can become difficult to move to in unknown country but that it can be really fulfulling, when you get to grow in a personal and professional way, find new opportunities or finally learn that language that you are still improving. Therefore we offer our Consulting services for those who would like to study, work and volunteer abroad.

Countries we have visited 

  • Europe: Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Holand, Belgium, Scotland, Wales, England, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Andorra, Iceland & Malta.
  • Africa: Morroco
  • America: Mexico
  • Asia: Malasya, Thailand, Singapore, Saudi Arabia & Siria

Laura, I possess a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management and I studied a first year of Psychology.
I have lived almost all my life in the Canary Islands where I was born but at the end of the career I decided to move to London where I lived for almost three years.
After a few years I decided to live in Berlin with my intention of improving german and because I was chosen for a European Volunteering Service project (EVS).
I would love now to encourage others to live abroad and that my sharing experiences will be helpful for them.

«”Travel kills prejudice and ignorance, therefore a huge criterion of people and life will never be achievable if we sit in our own corner of the world”» – Mark Twain

Sami was the founder of this project and he had the idea of creating this space where we share our travel tips and related useful info.
Sami is a computer scientist, travel addict and love outdoor activities such as hiking, canyoning, and skiing. He is the responsible for securing, design and managing the content of our website.

“Traveling is an inversion on your own self”– Matthew Karsten


Would you like to contact us or work with us? We will be happy to talk to you! Fill this contact form or send us an email to contacto@hashtagviajeros.com