About us

We are Laura and Sami!
Together we have visited more than 20 countries, traveled 25,980 km (approx.) and used more than 20 transport companies in four different continents.
We believe that traveling is not as expensive as everyone may think and that you do not have to spend all your savings for it- therefore we share tips on how to travel on a budget so with those savings we can continue to make more trips.
We have driven by van from Berlin to Norway passing through Denmark and Sweden, we have kayaked on the islets of Croatia, snorkel in the islands of Malta and Comino and slept in the Sahara Desert.
We believe that invest in experiences is the best way to spend your incomes and those memories will last forever and keep reminding you of great moments.

Countries we have visited 

  • Europe: Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Holand, Belgium, Scotland, Wales, England, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iceland & Malta.
  • Africa: Morroco
  • America: Mexico
  • Asia: Saudi Arabia & Siria

Laura, I possess a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management and I studied a first year of Psychology.
I have lived almost all my life in the Canary Islands where I was born but at the end of the career I decided to move to London where I lived for almost three years.
After a few years I decided to live in Berlin with my intention of improving german and because I was chosen for a European Volunteering Service project (EVS).
At the beginning of 2017, I moved to Madrid where I currently live. I would love now to encourage others living abroad and that my experiences will be helpful.

«”Travel kills prejudice and ignorance, therefore a huge criterion of people and life will never be achievable if we sit in our own corner of the world”» – Mark Twain

Sami was the founder of this project and he had the idea of creating this space where we share our travel tips and related useful info.
Sami is a computer scientist, travel addict and love outdoor activities such as hiking, canyoning, and skiing. He is the responsible for securing, design and managing the content of our website.

“Traveling is an inversion on your own self”– Matthew Karsten