Interview with Antonio G. of ‘Inteligencia Viajera’

We are pleased to interview Antonio G. of ‘Inteligencia Viajera’ (available in Spanish), a blog that has more than 35,000 active Facebook followers and more than 20,000 subscribers.
His posts have something that can not be described but that makes you feel exactly what he want to express as well as being a source of inspiration for thousands of people.

Antonio has achieved his dream of living while traveling and going around the world, works intensely 2 days a week and has 5 days free to enjoy his trips. His income on the website is between 5,000 and 30,000 euros monthly with visits and subscribers that do not stop growing.

In his website you can find a lot of information about online business, travel hacking and blogging to live traveling as well as interesting training courses.

#1 What you have achieved, living while traveling seems a utopia within the reach of very few and the dream of many. What feelings have you had when achieving that goal?

I do not think I can find the exact words to define this dream but it would be something like a mixture of happiness, constant adrenaline, joy and an urge to scream! I think we can all achieve our goals if we put all our attention, dedication and commitment into what we love. For me it is a pride to be able to live traveling because I really know that I have worked hard for many months, I have learned with the best spending a lot of money to get what I wanted.  Anyone can do the same. There are no big secrets. You just have to fail a lot as I counted in the first episode of the podcast.

#2 With so many followers, what do they tell you when they recognize you or see you in another country?

At first, it was a bit strange. Here in Thailand, there are many followers of the blog and they would stop me at the beach to have a drink together or just to chat and shake hands. It is a very gratifying feeling to see that you are helping so many people and that you can de-virtualize them as you travel the world. I always try not to see myself as someone better than them because really I am not, and as soon as they have a beer with me the idealization of Antonio G evaporates and the conversations become much flatter and close to each other as they mean to be.

#3 So far of the 49 countries that you have visited which is the one that has caught your attention or that you have a special attachment?

I always try to work on attachment so I do not have it to anything or anyone. But if we talk about countries that surprised me I would say Egypt. I was fortunate to work with a view of the pyramids. It is amazing to be able to take your work with you and enjoy the countries that were previously only in your imagination. To live for a season, I could stay in Thailand. Great food, unbeatable value for money, good connection for digital nomads, amazing landscapes. A perfect cocktail. But, as I said, I take a very beautiful memory of every place I’ve been.

#4 How has been your introduction to minimalism and meditation? What has brought you to this lifestyle and what would you recommend to others in order to achieve the same?

For me, being a digital nomad is part of that minimalism. When traveling you need to carry very few things with you. It is part of the beauty, to know how little you need to be well. Meditation helps me in my day to day life. When your mind is serene it means that your body accompanies you in what you do.

#5 Someday you will have finished the visiting all pending countries, once you have finished going around the world what is your purpose or your next goal?

I am not one of those who thinks that the goals end up like that. I will also not travel all the countries in the world in less than 10 years so I still have plenty of time to rethink and discover new goals and opportunities, but it is true that I do not think I can stand still and I have great ideas for ‘Inteligencia Viajera’. The project grows with me and my travels so what is to come, we will have to discover it together.

#6 In your last podcast you talk about your first failures and how ‘Inteligencia Viajera’ was created would you give us some advice for people who are in the process of pursuing their dreams?

For me, the greatest advice is not to be afraid of those failures. Know that they are part of life, of your own formation. If we are always afraid that something will happen, we will never do anything worthwhile for ourselves or for the rest of the world. We must know how to thank the luck that we have and take advantage of the beauty of life, which is a lot.

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