Interview with a travel blogger, Laura Otero of ‘Laura no está, una viajera errante’

We have had the pleasure of interviewing Laura Otero, a nice Argentine blogger who has more than 2,500 active Facebook followers and more than 9,000 on Instagram. We share not only the same name but also the same hobby, traveling.

In her blog ‘Laura no está, una viajera errante’ (spanish language) you can find her travels in North and South America and Europe wrriting about her experiences, reflections, useful advice and her story of how she traveled alone to Europe and with that article invites many women to do so.

#1 How and when did your hobby of travel begin?

I think since always, my parents traveled a lot and they always took me with them. Now, I travel with them from time to time and also visit me when I am away from home.

#2 Tell us a little about your blog, what or who motivated you to start with a blog?

I am a journalist, writing was always my way of communicating. The idea of the blog was to have a place where to enhance my experiences and also to stimulate others to travel. Reading other travel bloggers also inspired me to write and obviously to travel.

Laura in Algarve (Portugal)


#3 What destinations do you have on your to-do list? What is your travel wishlist?

Lots of pending destinations! Lately I’ve been obsessed with Iceland and Greenland, there’s something about that almost uninhabited landscape that captivates me. I hope I can go next year.

#4 If you need to choose between three cities which ones would you choose?

My three favorite cities are: Liverpool, for their music, I am very fan of The Beatles. London, for its culture, its possibilities and its people. Buenos Aires, it’s my city, where I grew up and where my affections are still.

#5 In all your trips traveling through different countries, you will surely have more than one traveling anecdote. Do you want to tell us something that you have keeped in your memory or surprised you especially?

One thing that happened to me and I was surprised was the hospitality of the people in Liverpool. I was with a friend walking through the cemetery where Eleonor Rigby was buried and we could not find the tomb. We entered the church (next to the cemetery) and very shy we asked the priest where the famous tomb was, he not only guided us to the place but also told us the story of that woman and buried there John Lennon’s uncle!

#6 What are your 3-5 years dreams? Where would you like to see yourself?

From now to five years time, I only think about something in particular. Keep traveling! I imagine doing it as a couple, some remote place in Asia and if everything goes well taking advantage of the blog to meet people and finally be able to live from this that although it does not seem like it, is a job.

Laura in Budapest (Hungary)

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  1. Una entrevista muy interesante. Y es estupendo saber de alguien que ha estado en tantos lugares y ha tenido tantas experiencias. Mucha suerte en los próximos viajes.

  2. Gracias Laura por tan linda entrevista! Un placer hablar con vos y ojalá la ruta nos encuentre en al algún lado.
    Un abrazo grande!

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