Reasons why you should live abroad + what you achieve doing it

Living abroad can bring you many benefits, among them, it is proven that those who have lived out for a while are able to boost their creativity levels, improve communication, increase the potential in the professional field, improve cognitive skills and even become more intelligent.

According to a study by INSEAD, Research Center and School of Business in France, states that individuals who had been immersed in multicultural environments were offered more jobs than those who had never lived outside. It also argues through its investigation that

“People who have international experiences or identify themselfs with more than one nationality are better at solving problems and show more creativity.
In addition, we find that people with international experience are more likely to create new business and product ideas and to be promoted “

When we are physically out of our confort zone we face new challenges making our mind to find outcomes and possibilities quicker.
Even daily tasks like shopping in a unknown country or speaking a second language stimulates our mind almost daily and can grow the brain size.

According to the Lund Academy source from a Swedish study on MRI in 2012, found that

“learning a second language changes the shape and size of our brain by improving the cortical thickness- a layered mass of neurons responsible for thought, memory and consciousness”

We have asked other bloggers who have spent a season outside their home country or are currently living abroad about what they have achieved by doing so, here are their answers:

Polly of A Lively Mind

“The greatest thing I gained by moving abroad was confidence! Anybody who’s gone through this process will know just how challenging it can be… but overcoming those hurdles is an amazing feeling.
As an expat, I’ve achieved far more than I ever could have imagined, which has been a major boost to my self-esteem!”

Olivia of A drop in the Ocean

The greatest thing that I achieved by moving to another country was the way I became so open minded and flexible. When I moved to Guatemala, there were so many variables and unknowns but I learned how to be open to this and embrace it, rather than fear it.
I also learned how to accept things in a much easier way because I learned things aren’t always going to go the way I’d like them to so I should just make the best of whatever comes my way!

Vikki of The Vintage Vik

I moved from Scotland to Australia when I was 25, I think the biggest thing would be you have to push yourself. Push yourself to make friends, find a job or some sort, get a place to live, push past the homesick days ( I came here on my own no family)

Corrine of L3hub

“I gained independence and confidence the most, as well as better relationships at home (sound ironic I know)”

Laurel Ashley of Leizey

“I gained a greater sense and deeper appreciation for diversity.
Once you leave the US, its easier to connect with people of other cultures because in Europe, for example, speaking multiple languages is more common, and therefore looked at as more of an asset than something you can be discriminated against for like having a “strange” accent”

Helene of The HC Lifestyle

“I gained an openness of mind and a better understanding of how wonderful the human race is in all its diversity

Have you also lived abroad or planning to make it? Are you not sure to take the risk? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Hi guys! Great post! I loved the scientific introduction, really nice to read that moving abroad gives you so many advantages! I moved abroad the first time when I was 19 years old.. And well, only managed to stay in my home country for a total of 6 months at a time. Now I don’t think I will be going back.

    • Hi Rebecca!
      Thanks for your nice comment! I believe that is the price you need to pay when you know many countries and experience life abroad, you always want more 🙂

  2. Hola Laura y Sami me encanta vuestros port ,estoy aprendiendo mucho de lo que comentas y aconsejas para viajar , un saludo !seguir así

  3. Hola!!
    La verdad es que me lo he planteado muchas veces, ya no por el tema del trabajo (de momento no puedo quejarme) pero si por cosas que no me acaban de gustar de aquí. Aunque si que es verdad que me da bastante miedo irme a la aventura junto con mi peque y mi pareja… y si te he de ser sincera, no podría pasar más de 3 semanas sin ver a mi familia.
    Aunque como bien comentas, a nivel personal tiene una cantidad de beneficios importante 🙂

    Un abrazo!

  4. Yo me planteé seriamente lo de irme a vivir al extranjero, a Canadá. Pero mi pareja y yo tuvimos una oportunidad muy buena de adquirir una casa cerca de la familia y la aprovechamos. La verdad es que no hay nada como vivir la experiencia de tener que sobrevivir en un lugar desconocido. ¡Un beso!

  5. a mi m encantaria poder vivir en el extranjero y poder conocer otras culturas, si fuera x mi m pasaria una temporada en un sitio distinto, tiene q ser super gratificante. saludos

    • Hola Carmen! como bien comentas es muy gratificante vivir fuera además de todas las oportunidades que encuentras y lo que aprendes, que eso nadie te lo puede quitar 😉

  6. ¡Hola! Me ha gustado mucho el post y es muy interesante! Sobre todo conocer las experiencias de otras personas. En un momento de mi vida quise irme fuera a vivir, pero entre unas cosas y otras al final no pude.. pero me encantaría irme a vivir a Italia.

  7. Que post tan interesante! La verdad es que yo nunca he vivido en el extranjero pero si que conozco gente que ha vivido fuera algunos años y además de conocer culturas nuevas y mejorar el inglés, debes tener una mente abierta y rápida para superar los obstáculos. Un saludo.

  8. Me encanto el post. Y agregar que alguna vez alguien comentó en tv, que las personas con más amplió conocimiento son las que viajan a menudo.

    Por otra parte es completamente real según estudios, el cerebro al colaborar en ejecutar otro idioma aprende a clarificar la información en dos maneras a la vez lo que estimula la inteligencia. Más allá de la necesidad de aprender otra lengua y el gran placer que significa para la mayoría viajar. Aporta beneficios. Muy bien destacado.

  9. Lo máximo que estuve”viviendo” fuera de España fue un mes, me pareció muy buena experiencia, el poder aprender cosas nuevas, conocer otra gente, otras formas de pensar, mejorar el idioma… Además como comentan en una respuesta, ayuda a ser un poquito más independientes.

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