9 Thoughts to keep with you when you are moving abroad

Are you planning to move to another country or are you already an expat living abroad?
Keep these 9 thoughts in your suitcase that will put you in a better mood and inspire you when you are experiencing homesick or feel blue.

#1 Do not expect to be 100% sure
Whether it is a decision you have been meditating for a long time or something that you are going to do from one day to another, unfortunately, you will never be 100% sure.

The challenge is to face those doubts and fears and to visualize you already in that place.
There is no perfect moment, what changes that moment is your desire and the illusion you put into it.

#2 We all have bad days
Whether you are at home or in China you will always have days full of joy and happiness and really bad days. There will be times when you just want to leave everything and go back home and this feeling is absolutely normal.

You will find moments of downturn and you will think ‘Why did I not stay back home in my country?’, on that kind of moments remember all the reasons that led you there, it can be for a better job opportunity, improving a language, change of scenery, independence or finding your own self.

#3 You can always go back home

If you are living abroad it does not mean that you have to stay for as long as you have planned. You can change your mind and if you return earlier than expected, you will have the same merit because you have done it in the first place.
We recommend you that if you are uncertain about how long you will stay, do not subscribe to any annual fee gym access or a mobile contract with a minimum period, always choose flexible options.

#4 Appreciate where you are at the moment
The human being is by nature nonconformist and if we are in a place, we will remember past times when we were better and happier and within a year, you will think again the same.
The time is now, do not miss it.

#5 Enjoy your surroundings
Phrases like “In my country, we have better food” or “In my country, there is always better weather than here” even if is true it may come to bother others.

Each place has lovely things with its different ways of living, its habits and its culture. I am sure there is some typical dish that gets you crazy, some special hidden place that brings you peace and joy or some activity that you like to do and that before you could not do it as much as now.
Keep a positive attitude, look for the best of each place and take it to your advantage.

#6 You do not lose friends and you make new ones
We are not going to lie, you can lose a bit of contact because of the distance but true friends will stay.
Furthermore, you will meet new people and maybe gain some good friends.

Imagine how great it will be to have friends in differents place of the world and visit them to show you their cities or reunited them in an organized trip in the future.

#7 Your family will always be with you
This is obvious but is great to remember it. In addition, I am sure your mother will make your favorite dish once you are back and they will treat like a king.
They will be proud of what you have achieved even if they do not tell you directly.
If you never leave, you will never experience how much you appreciate your roots and your supportive family.

#8 Improve a language

If you have in mind to improve the language it is an advantage to move to another country. Daily tasks like shopping, reading labels, using public transport and doing paperwork will force you in some way to practice that language that was so hard for you at the beginning.

Listening every day to people on the street and needing to see all written in another language will get that information in your subconscious even you are not experience it.

#9 More cultured and tolerant

Traveling and living abroad will open your mind and see everything from another point of view.
In addition, you will learn to value other cultures, not only one of the countries where you live but also of other nationalities of people you will get to know and that will enrich you

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