7 Low-cost Travel Gadgets

Already thinking of Christmas gifts? Do you have travellers friends and family and planning to give them a great present without spending too much?

If you are looking for supplies for your trips at lower prices but without leaving the quality aside, here is a list of ideas for very useful and low-cost travelers’ gifts just before the arrival of Christmas and Black Friday.

#1 Cool strap for the Camera

For just over 3 euros you can tune your camera and put a beautiful strap. If you have a friend who loves photography, this is the perfect gift. Or if you are the photographer in this case, you can give it to yourself. We have found this one on Aliexpress.
Approx. price: 3€

# 2 Sports camera

This sports camera will do its function of recording and taking pictures underwater or on movement. We have both, the Gopro Hero and this one, and the image quality is comparable (the Gopro wins in the automatic regulation of colors).
We have used it for two years now and it still works perfectly. The price-quality ratio is amazing and a good choice if you are looking for a simple travel camera that fulfills its functions.
Approx price: € 50

#3 Storage travel case

We all have happened to find the cables tangled and spend hours trying to undo the knots or get crazy finding a charger in our suitcase.
With this simple bag you will have all the chargers, cables and batteries together during your trip in an organized way and without losing any along the way.
Approx price: 6,30€

#4 Suitcase cover

I personally love suitcase covers because you can decorate your suitcase as you like and you can recognised it easily at the airport.
Suitcase covers will help to protect your belongings from possible liquids and stratchers. It could be washed and get adjust perfectly to you suitcase with a zip.
Price: 6€

#5 Backpack with USB port

This backpack has many pockets inside the main compartment, interior and exterior pockets. Perfect for trips, excursions and to store your tablet while traveling. Best of all, it has a USB port to charge your phone and a security lock on the main zipper to prevent theft
Approximate price: € 18

#6 Folding water bottle

Ideal to take with you on trips and to be filled in fountains or public places. It’s BPA Free, it does not take up any space once it’s folded and it’s perfect to have it in your carry-on bag at all times. You can also use it for hiking, cycling and outdoor activities.
Price: € 7

#7  Kosan Ko. Backpack

This is possibly one of the most innovative travel backpacks and at a fairly low price compared to what conventional backpacks that cost around 150-200 € usually cost.
Designed by a group of travelers who have tried it in more than 30 countries, its material is waterproof, safe and resistant and has 35L of storage.

It is a 5 in 1, which becomes a sports bag with handles, shoulder strap, backpack or complete backpack. They have redesigned the system by two backpacks, one front and one back, distributing the weight and leaving more freedom of movement.
They just launched this product so they currently have discounts up to 40%. On their website you can find details about the project, about the creation of jobs in Vietnam to manufacture them and if you get enough funds, the project will float sending all the backpacks in April 2018. Surely the wait is worth it, plus every purchase has a lifetime guarantee!
Price: 75€ aprox. (119CA$) + delivery costs


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