Top 10 Best Volunteer Programs over the world

Looking to volunteer abroad? We summarize the best volunteer programs with stays from a few weeks to a year and with destinations all over the world.

Volunteers programs with membership fee

#1 Workaway
It is one of the largest volunteer platforms operating in more than 155 countries around the world. The tasks to be performed can be of any type such as agriculture, construction and renovation, hostels, hostels and hotels, language teaching, home work, childcare, elderly care, art and crafts.
This is done in exchange for a meal and lodging regime.

Membership fee: € 23.00 for two years of unlimited online access which (from my own experience) is worth paying for.
If you want to know more about my experience in this volunteer, click here.

WWOOF organizations link people who want to volunteer in organic farms or small properties for a short season in exchange of food and lodging.

Membership fee: Each national organization establishes a payment fee that ranges from € 10.00 to € 35.00 per year.

#3  Helpx
This website puts volunteers in contact with people or companies who need help with their farms, vineyards, ranches, boats, hostels and hostels. Volunteers will have accommodation and food covered during the stay.

Membership fee: 20,00€ for two years of unlimited online access.

#4 SE7EN
With volunteer options around the world that have social and environmental goals in schools, orphanages, wildlife reserves, sustainable living initiatives and natural parks. They have hundreds of free and low cost volunteer opportunities.

Membership fee: 15,00€ for two years of unlimited online access.

#5 Working Traveller
Here you will have options for volunteering and paid jobs around the world. You can find opportunities filtering by your skills, start date and destination country.

Membership fee:
Registration is free but once a host offers you a volunteer, you will pay a fee of € 10 per year to be able to stablish communication with them throw the platform.

Volunteers programs with no membership fees (free)

#6 European Voluntary Service (EVS)
The European Voluntary Service facilitates the movement of young people between the ages of 17 and 30 to participate in voluntary projects abroad.
Voluntary projects can cover multiple activities in various fields (work with young people, cultural activities, social assistance or protection of the environment, among others).

All essential costs of volunteer participation are covered. Accommodation, meals and transport expenses will be provided. In addition, you will receive a small allowance of pocket money for personal expenses.
Although it refers to European volunteering there are volunteer opportunities in all continents.

#7 Volunteers Base
It is defined as an alternative to Helpx, WWOOF and Workaway but free. Volunteers Base is a help-exchange network where hosts who need help can list their projects and volunteers interested in joining can get in touch.

Projects can be almost anything, agriculture, construction, shelters, language teaching, work at home, community work, crafts, cleaning, etc.

It promotes hospitality for anyone wishing to participate or start their own sustainable construction project.
Tasks refer to the exchange of labor, knowledge, skills and community values and encourage sustainable self-construction projects.
Food and accommodation are offered during the stay to volunteer members.

#9 Volunteering & Paid Work- Nomads
It is an informal group where it is posted more frequently (almost daily), volunteer opportunities and also paid work in all parts of the world.
It is the best way to contact in a more direct way with the organizers or people in charge.

#10 Yoga or Ayurveda Retreats
Yoga or Ayurveda retreats often require volunteers each time one is organized.
You can try your luck by contacting the organizers directly and offering yourself as a volunteer. Search on


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I write for curious and independent travelers that would like to maximise their time and costs, even having a full time job and not "so many holidays".


  1. Thank you very much for sharing these useful pieces of information. I love volunteering. I use myselflessact. This is the best volunteering platform to share our selfless humankind work and find volunteer opportunities near our area. Your mention websites are very best to use. I will also try this website to make my volunteering experience unforgettable.

  2. This is terrific. I cant thank you enough for the number of options you have given me for volunteering. I am going to volunteer on my next trip to Europe. I came across another similar website called Hippohelp and it did seem pretty useful and user friendly. Do you have an idea about it?

    • Hi Hrishi!

      I just checked that website and it looks cool. Not sure how reliable it will be but you can always give it a try 🙂
      Thanks for commenting!

  3. also is a great option, they’re reaching people from 18 to 30 and works with 128 countries and territories to create volunteering and profesional internships 😀

  4. I absolutely adore this post! I started travelling as a volunteer, first with New Zealand’s Department of Conservation and then worked my way up to paid positions as a Project Leader and Project Manager through a couple of different NGOs. While I now teach English in Spain (Canary Islands), I definitely miss volunteering and giving back altruistically. I’m definitely bookmarking this post to look into these different opportunities, thanks!

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