12 days Travel Itinerary Nordic Countries: Denmark, Sweden & Norway

Our starting point was capital of Germany. The advantages of departing from Berlin is that the van or caravab rental is much more economical compared to the high prices on the Nordic countries so we decided to rent a van from Berlin with Europcar and also buy our supplies there (which are also lower prices).
In our trip we will go by ferry from Germany to Denmark and from Denmark to Sweden we will cross the Oresund bridge, which is suspended above the sea.

Ferry Price Round trip with Scandlines for 2 people with a van (includes ticket for the Oresund Bridge): 220,00 €

From there, you will no longer have expenses. In Denmark, Sweden and Norwaythe there are no tolls or additional payments on the road. In Norway you do have Ferries to cross from one place to another over the sea but this is optional, you can do the same itinerary by road.
This was our tour:

Day #1 Rostock-GedserWe leave from Berlin to the port of Rostock where we took the Ferry direct to Gedser (southern Denmark). We spent the night there.

Day #2 Copenhague: In the morning, we head to the capital of Denmark (three hours drive from the south). There we visited the historical center of the city, did the 2 and a half hour tour with Sandeman’s New Europe and had lunch in the city.

Day #3 
Oresund & Malmö Bridge: The next day, we cross from Copenhagen to Malmö, the total duration over the Oresund bridge is only 30-45min. Then we visit the small village of Malmö, have a snack and we continue on the road to get further on our trip.

Day #4 Gothenburg: Arrival in the city, visit to the center, shopping area and its seaport. We take advantage to snack and eat the typical giant cinnamon buns, better known as Hagabullen.

Day #5 Oslo: We visited the city center and the Opera House, from the top where you have views over the city. He had a snack and rest.

Day #6 Fjord route: We arrive in Bergen, the second largest city in Norway and gateway to the fjords, a beautiful fishing village with beautiful colorful buildings. We walked through the port, visited the information point and the city center.

Day #7 
Fjord route: We head to the Flåm fjord where we spent much of the morning and had breakfast. Then we head to the Skjolden fjord, using the Ferry Mannheller Ferjekai which costs about 3-4 € and saves you several kilometers of road.
We arrived in Skjolden, better known as the dream fjord, where we spent the afternoon and had lunch.

Day #8 
Fjord route: Road to Geiranger, our last fjord and one of the most impressive. We visited his small touristic center, ate and rested at the little tables surrounding the fjord.

Day #9 Return to Oslo: Arrival in Oslo, where we will have lunch and visit the famous ‘Gol Stave Church‘ of medieval Norwegian times.
If you look for the signs it will appear as “Stravkirke” and is located near the Norsk Folkemuseum, Norwegian People’s Museum.

Day #10 y#11  From Oslo we traveled the way back to Denmark stopping in some small Swedish and Danish towns that we found interesting.

Day #12 Arrival to Gedser: We took the ferry back to the Rostock German port. Way back to Berlin we stopped in some small Swedish and Danish towns that we found interesting.

  • Do not rush to arrive at the destiny.
    Norway has amazing landscapes that will make you stop over and over (waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, lakes).
    Do not forget to take photos and enjoy the journey between destinations.
  • Use the resting areas.
    Along with your road trip, you will find resting areas with tables and cleaning points where you can empty your portable bathroom or wash your dishes.
    Some of them even offer free WiFi.
  • Long distances.
    Keep in mind that the distances in Norway are short in kilometers but longer in time due to the abrupt landscape.
    You can travel 40km of tunnels or drive across a mountain and find no gas station. Plan your trip well.

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    • Hola Cassia,
      Nosotros llevamos una furgoneta y no una caravana, justamente por la facilidad para aparcar. Aparcábamos en las ciudades sin problema.
      Saludos 🙂

  1. Hola Laura, genial tu sitio, muchas gracias!. También soy de México y veo que rentaron auto para viajar por países nórdicos. Mencionas que gastaron 1000 euros ya con gasolina y renta del auto?
    Muchas gracias por tu tiempo.

    • Gracias Cassia por tus palabras. A ese precio nos referimos por el viaje en total por persona. Por la furgoneta (desde Berlín!) pagamos unos 400€.

  2. Hola buen dia, te escribo de México, añoro ir a Noruega y ver sus paisajes y fiordos, hemos viajado por mucha parte de Europa en auto y quiero saber si es realmente fácil y aue tan caro viajar por los Nórdicos? A donde me recomiendas volar? Yo pensaba a alguna cd de Alemania del Norte y de ahí conducir a tomar ferry pero no tengo idea de costos entre renta de auto, ferries, gastos alojamientos, comidas? Obvio tendría que ser buscar economizar sin tener que compartir habitación, baños no nos importa…alguna recomendación? Y pudieras decirme algun costo aproximado para unos 10/15 dias por allá?

    • Hola Maritza,

      Para nosotros fue más ecónomico porque compramos la comida en Alemania y siempre cocinabamos con un camping gas (salvo un par de veces que comíamos algo por ahí o nos tomabamos un café).
      Lo de compartir habitación no te entiendo bien. En Noruega y Suecia es libre acampada, no necesitas quedarte en un hotel/ hostal. Nosotros dormíamos en la furgoneta en un colchón.
      Lo de volar, depende de la ruta que quieres hacer. Si lo que quieres es visitar Noruega y Suecia, quizás podrías volar a Estocolmo que es más barato y desde ahí alquilar tu furgoneta.
      Aproximadamente gastamos unos 1.000€ incluyendo todo.

      Buen viaje 🙂

  3. Hola! me encanta esta ruta , pero no sé si se pueda realizar en invierno. Quisiera saber si tienes el dato para ir en diciembre.

    • Hola Erika,

      La verdad es que no te lo recomendamos en invierno. Nosotros en verano ya pasamos mucho frío y hubo algún que otro día que llovió.
      La ruta en invierno posiblemente no sea la misma y necesites más equipamiento para no pasar frío.

      Saludos 🙂

  4. Buenos días,gracias a tu ayuda,ya hemos decidido ir con nuestro caracol,para llegar a Noruega desde Valencia,lo tengo claro,la duda,es para cruzar,desde Dinamarca en el ferry?????Mil gracias.

    • Hola Francisca,

      Eso es. Nosotros cruzamos en ferry con la compañía Scandlines.
      Precio Ferry Ida y vuelta con Scandlines para 2 personas con furgoneta (incluye ticket para el Puente de Oresund): 220,00€

      Saludos y buen viaje 🙂

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