How to find a job as a spanish teacher in France

Are you looking for a job in France?

Sonia from Tablaturas de mis Pasos, tells us how she managed to become a Spanish teacher, her experience in France and the steps to follow to apply for it.

Since the last academic year 2016-2017 the French Ministry of Education is looking for Spanish teachers for its colleges and institutes. The French educational system is divided into different academies that manage the schools and institutes of the territory that belongs to them. According to this distribution, we can see that academies such as those of Paris or Versailles are now searching for workers to incorporate into their vacancies. This situation is due to the labor reform that was in the French educational law during the mandate of François Hollande which presents like obligatory the Spanish language together with English.

Requirements to be a Spanish teacher

  • Country of destination: France
  • Age: any age
  • Genre: there is no distinction of genre
  • Nationality: They are looking for people who can teach and teach Spanish so they prefer Spanish speaking people.
  • Duration: One year (complete school course) with the possibility of renewing for another year.
  • Education: I studied Hispanic Philology and I have a Master’s degree in Spanish and Linguistics Language. But they also accept people from other philologies, translators, historians, pedagogues, teachers … The most auspicious profile would be that of a Hispanic philologist with a master’s degree in ELE (Spanish as a foreign language). But if you have other qualifications, this is not going to be an impediment to work.
  • Application fee: there is no application cost. You can apply directly on the following websites: Versailles Academy and Paris Academy, although they are looking for teachers in all regions of France like Bordeaux, Créteil, etc …

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Application process

To enter the selection process you must send a dossier with your CV accompanied by the certificates and titles that you indicate in cv. Your application goes through the filter of the inspectors of the academy to which you have postulated and, if you have liked, they contact you to conduct an interview.

The interview can be in person or by Skype. They are looking to assess your level of French and see if you can develop by yourself in France and also to test your teaching skills through questions related to teaching Spanish in the classroom.

If you pass the interview, you will make an appointment with the academy to sign the contract and fill in the financial information. From the Academy, you are warned that life in France is not easy and they give you a small training course to have some basis when facing life in the classroom.


To make your salary the one that suits you, you have to homologate your titles. One option to carry out this process is the Center Enic Naric France. For 70 € you can send them two degrees. I sent the titles of the degree and the master in order to take advantage of the process. Obviously, you only have to present the highest degree you have to the academy to be considered at a maximum pay.

Find below the equivalences between the titles and the corresponding gross monthly salary.

  • L2-BAC+2 — 1.844,33€
  • L3-Licence — 2.022,40€
  • Master 1-Maîtrise — 2.120,80€
  • Máster 2-DESS, DEA, DECS (diplôme d’ingénieur) — 2.223’89€
  • Doctorat 3º Cycle, doctorat d’Etat, diplôme de 3éme cycle — 2.326,99€

If you have children, you have to prove that you are in charge of them through a series of formalities and that salary can be seen increased by about 100-200 €.

And if you are unemployed, you can apply for EURES grants, which are intended to provide economic support to Europeans who find work abroad. They are about € 1,000.


Once you are hired, you will need to create a bank account and get the social security number and health card. Depending on your circumstances, the bank account can be opened in a bank, in the French postal banking service or through Compte-Nickel.

When it comes to finding accommodation, read the warnings section of the websites you are looking for.

The employment contract with which you go to France is as a contractual teacher of Spanish and is temporary (one year). In real estate agencies only indefinite contracts, called CDI, are accepted. Therefore, the option you have left is to rent a flat to a private individual. Do not be the victims of any deception, scam, fraud or scam. If the owner of the apartment makes excuses, he says that he lives abroad, he wants to make a monetary process through Mandat Cash Urgent or Western Union, the price of the apartment is very low and is impeccable and furnished … Do not trust.
I trusted and now I am with complaints and lawyers … And this type of situations overshadows an experience like this because, in itself, it is already hard to go abroad to be in this type of situations.

For me, all this experience is being very enriching and as well as learning about life in France, its culture and its people; I am practicing the language and I am realizing who are the people who really support me in this adventure without asking for anything in return.

The most beautiful lesson so far is that when we are “up” we do not forget to send the elevator to the ground for others to climb. In other words, sharing is living and we always have to help others as much as we can.

If you are encouraged to be adventurous teachers in France do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you seek advice, help or someone to talk to.

Lots of luck and Bon courage!


Feel free to follow Sonia’s experiences and her life in France on her blog  Tablaturas de mis Pasos y Twitter

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