7 Tips about what you should NOT do if you visit Morocco

Morocco is an African country with a very young population, the majority of its inhabitants, around 70%, are under 30 years old. Being in total 26 million people.

Well-known for its low prices, the Sahara desert and its sand-colored buildings, its markets on the street and bargaining and its mix of colors. It is a country full of traditions where you will feel a mixture of cultures with African, Arab and Mediterranean influences.

It is essential to respect the culture of each country you visit, so you have a list of what you should NOT do in your visit to Morocco.

#1 Kissing in public

For religious reasons, it is common to see men holding hands as a sign of friendship but demonstrations of public affection between a man and a woman are badly seen.
Better save them for another time if you do not want the locals to be scandalized (with boos or whistles included).

#2 Use indiscreet clothes

Marrakech is a tourist city and it is common to see tourists in shorts and t-shirts but if you are planning to visit sacred places such as temples and mosques you must dress conservatively to get inside.

Also, if you are visiting non- touristic places in Morocco it is also recommended to dress conservative to not draw attention.

#3 Buy at the squares-souks

These souks around the Yamaa El Fna square sell non-handmade products and made with worse materials, many of them produced in China.

Stroll inside the Medina and find handmade products of better quality. There are souks specializing in skins, jewelry, pottery, baskets, spices, olives, nuts and carpets.

#4 Accept the first price they offer you

Moroccans are the kings of business on the street. You must know the amounts you would pay for that product in your own currency and bargain, lower the price offered to you at least 40-50% less.

A trick that can help you is to keep in mind, how much is the maximum you would get to pay for it and try to get to that amount during bargaining. Do not get trick and be patience! Bargaining takes practice and time.

#5 Driving

We discourage the option of renting a car because it is not very safe to drive around the country due to the state of its roads, different traffic regulations and possible police corruption.

In the Riad or the accommodation where you stay offer guided tours that can be even cheaper than renting your own transport service.
Even so, if you are adventurous and prefer to rent a car, get to know before the safest routes and plan your trip well.

#6 Walking with insecurity

When you enter the souks, it is normal if you start to panic among the traffic of motorcycles, people and cargo donkeys through its narrow streets.

Do not get scared and walk safely, the bikes are experts in dodging you and if you are lost you will soon or later find some sign to leave the souk.

Do not let children who are on the street tell you the way as they do in exchange for some coins and some of them think about leaving school for the tips they receive daily.
Keep in mind that as a general rule, inside the Medina you always walk to your right.

#7 Be careless with what you eat

Hygiene standards are not the same as in other more developed continents, so we must be careful with what we eat so that we do not feel bad or have indigestion during our trip.

Especially if you have a sensitive stomach, take care of what you eat and do not buy in street markets to give the body a rest.
Sometimes, it is advisable to choose dishes based on vegetables such as Couscous or Vegetable Tagine that you will find in the menus of any place where you eat. In the case of eating dishes with protein, better choose chicken versus other meat options.


I write for curious and independent travelers that would like to maximise their time and costs, even having a full time job and not "so many holidays".


  1. This is a fantastic list! such good tips, especially if you have never travelled in a country where you do have to be a bit careful what you eat, people often just don’t think about it!!

  2. Great list! I agree on all things! But the “don’t accept the first price you are quoted” was also the first thing that came to my mind. They always ask for such crazy prices and it hurts to see some tourists accept it and pay it. Even the locals are surprised by that…

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