Must-haves travel essentials

Even if you are planning a long haul trip or a short one, these travel essentials make wonders and will help you to travel more comfortable and safe.
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#1 Inflatable Travel Pillow
I made the mistake of buying a cheap travel pillow that costs me 2-3€, the result was that it does not cushion anything, it moves and it is not comfortable or what is the same, end up losing money.
I advise you invest a little more to have something of better quality and greater durability. This pillow is a soft material, takes up very little in your luggage since it is diflated and comes with a headset and earplugs perfect for long trips.

#2 First Aid Kit

As I always say, health is paramount in all your travels. This little medicine cabinet will take up little space in your suitcase and will get you out of some other hurry. It is ideal to take it if you go camping, hiking, all kinds of trips and outdoor activities. The kit includes wipes with alcohol, gauze, scissors and cotton, among other things.

#3 Kindle
The all-time favorite! Unlike tablets, it includes a screen to read without reflections, even in bright daylight and is perfect to carry it in your carry-on luggage to have it on the plane. The battery lasts weeks and is lighter than a pocketbook with capacity for thousands of books.

#4 Healthy snacks

It is very important to stay healthy while traveling. Eating fruit, healthy snacks and hydrating are essential to be full of energy and to continue exploring the cities we visit.
Mother’s advice: if at any point of the trip you are feeling low energy, I recommend taking Vitamin C that you can buy in capsules, effervescent tablets or eat some citrus fruits. This will increase your immunity system much more than an actimel.
We recommend you Paleo de Cross Nutrition or the Cliff bar, both made with natural ingredients and no sugar added.

#5 Digital scale
This scale is the one I normally use and it has an almost exact accuracy. I weigh my bags before going to the airport and once there, the weight is the same or with some grams of difference (it measures 10 grams in 10 grams). It has a load of up to 50 kg, it is resistant and if you travel with luggage restrictions, you will be happy to not go beyond what is allowed and avoid paying for overweight. It works by batteries and also, it is useful to take it with you to weigh your luggage when you return.

#6 Travel sachets organizers

These little sachets come greatly to organize the inside of the suitcase and keep the clothes clean and wrinkle-free. They are made of waterproof material so they are very useful if it is transported some type of liquid so it does not spill on the rest of the luggage. They are lightweight bags that can be washed.

Documents holder and Passport cover

Document holders are a must as a travel organizer. Most come with pockets and safety zippers to keep your passports, credit and debit cards, coins, bills and everything you need to have on hand while traveling. It will save you the crazy searching for airline tickets on your bag or prevent them from wrinkling, and the same with the passport case where you can also store ID cards safely.

#8 Antibacterial Gel
Hands are the part of the body where we accumulate most germs since we are constantly touching everything. This gel kills 99.9% of bacteria and does not need to rinse. Antibacterial gels leave your hands clean and you can even use it to clean any table or utensils. It is very useful as you travel, take up little space and are travel size.

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