How to travel half price buying in tickets resales

Are you looking around for possible vacaction destinations and want to save money? Do you have any reservations that you know you will not use and do not know what to do with it?

There are useful online portals where you can resell airline tickets, bus, train, vacation packages and hotels stays that can not be used, either because of change of plans, illness or any other reason.

In many cases, these reservations do not have a cancellation policy or there are non-refundable rates, so instead of losing money, users resell in these portals and benefit other users who thought to buy it and who can get it up to half the price initially set by the company.

If you planning a trip, we recommend that you have a look first at these networks in case you find a bargain or just a flight that you have in mind to buy but that is in resale because someone is not able to longer use it.



That said, in the case of airline tickets we all know that the cost of changing the name can be very high so in some of these portals, you already have included the price for the name change.
In others, you will have to consider the cost that entails and that we will disclose you below so that you can consider if it is worth it, doing a quick calculation between the cost to pay and the cost of change of name.

Here is the list of regular airlines that allow for free holder change or through fees:
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Norwegian: Ticket holder change name is free in Flex and Premium Flex fares and has a cost of 45 euros in Low Fare, Low Fare + and Premium rates.

Vueling: Changing the name of the person who is going to travel has a cost of 50 euros. Flight changes (date, time or name) are allowed up to 2 hours before departure. They allow the change of date and time through the Web or the change of date, time and name through the customer service phoneline.

EasyJet: Changing the name of the ticket has a cost of 42 euros if it is processed online and 48 euros if it is done by phone or at the airport in person. Errors can be corrected in the transcription, paying only the call, through its call center. Changes can be made up to two hours before scheduled flight departure.

You must pay a rate per passenger, for each flight and for each change you make. For name and flight changes you will need to pay the difference between the price of the flight at the time you made the reservation and the price at the time of the change. You will not receive any refund if the cost of the flight, at the time of making the change, is less than the price of the flight when you made the reservation

RyanairRates vary between 110 or 160 euros by name change, depending on whether the reservation was made on their website or at the airport. The passenger name change can be made up to 4 hours before the scheduled departure time of the flight and can be made online (unless the passenger has already checked in online) or through a Ryanair reservation center.

A change of name of a flight reservation applies to the complete flight itinerary of the passenger in question. It is not possible to change flight reservations online that include a discount applicable to residents or large families. You will need to contact a Ryanair reservation center

Wizz Air: It has a charge of 45 euros for changing the name of the ticket. The name of the passenger can be changed online or through the Customer Service Center until 3 hours before the scheduled departure time. You will have to pay a charge for the name change. The charge for changing the name is charged for each name that is changed, for each outward or return flight.

Airberlin: It will depend on the type of ticket. Changes are made through the customer service center directly.

Volotea: Allows the name change until 2 hours before the trip, the cost is between 40 and 50 euros.

Eurowings: It allows to transfer the plane ticket in the name of another person until two hours before the flight for a cost of between 70 and 120 euros, depending on the type of ticket and destination.


Resell for Renfe tickets train, plane and bus


The Truecalia portal (spanish language site) is a meeting place between private individuals who want to resell their train tickets, especially Renfe (operated in Spain), plane and bus and people looking for tickets with cheaper rates. It operates for tickets with departure or arrival in any city of Spain. So it will be useful if you are planning an upcoming trip to this european country.

In addition, if you plan to travel in Renfe you can save on your train ticket by setting your own AVE table and getting a discount of 60%. As well, find flights with departure from any city of Spain to different destinations with low rates.

If you are in this case the one who can not travel, you can resell your train, bus or plane tickets here so you do not lose all your money.


Resell for flight tickets


Change your flight

This portal works in a special way compared to other similar portals. Their mission is not to sell your flight ticket to other users but resell it to the same airline where you initially purchased it.
It is an opportunity to receive partial refunds on non-refundable tickets that you will not use in a simple, safe and free way. It operates worldwide.

On the website you can have a look of which airlines are included in this program and register the ticket you want to resell. If the airline company accepts, you will receive a voucher with the amount specified for future use when you decide to fly again.



Resell of travel packages, flights, cruises and hotel stays



Transfertravel helps users who sell their unwanted travel plans along with people looking for incredible last-minute deals by providing a solution for pre-booked travel plans that can no longer be used. It operates worldwide.
Here you can find resale of flights tickets, hotels, Airbnb or Homestay nights, cruises and even, travel experiences like tours or meal menus.

In this network, some of the flights already have included the name change price but what is a good option to see the current price in resale even reaching a discount of 50% of what would cost the original flight. If in doubt, check each listed offer as each one will be specified if it includes exchange rates or not.




Resell of hotel stays



It is a place exclusively dedicated to accommodation anywhere in the world where you can buy or sell non-refundable hotel reservations that will not be used. It operates worldwide.

Here you will find a list of reservations on all continents with discounts. You can even create an alert to let you know if there is an upcoming cancelled reservation on the dates and preferred destination you are looking for.



Did you have an experience with any the mentioned networks? Do you know any other similar useful network? Please share it with us on the comments below

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