+30 Resources for travelers and non-travelers

❤ Here is a list of initiatives around the world that inspire us and contribute to collaborate between travelers and non-travelers. Most are Facebook groups as we consider it the best way to connect directly and get more updated information on a daily basis.

Here you can find resources about opportunities for volunteering and work around the world, fellow travelers, tips, help on destinations and hospitality among travelers to get a hot shower or an empty bed.
And if you are worried about the planet you can be part of some initiatives that help the environment and sustainability.


EVS (European Voluntary Services)
Volunteering & Paid Work – NOMADS

#Travel hospitality

NOMADS – Emergency Hospitality Exchange

#Travel buddies

Lonely Planet
Au pair travel buddies!
Travel Buddies
Female Travel Buddies

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Free your stuff
This group is dedicated to all those who tend to accumulate and fill spaces with things that are filled with dust and that otherwise could be used. It gives away everything by individuals who have already stopped using them. Find it by groups on Facebook followed by the name of your city:

Free your stuff Madrid
Free your stuff Berlin
Free your stuff Porto Alegre
Free your stuff Copenhague

Zero Wasters
Every day, we throw away about a kilo and a half of garbage per person. That is, each year we produce more than half a ton of waste that often ends up in large landfills or contaminating seas and rivers.

The purpose of this group is to try to reduce trash or try to live a lifestyle without waste looking for alternatives to plastic, cardboard and bags. There are steps to follow as simple as buying bulk foods and storing them in glass containers or using cloth bags. 

Journey to Zero-Waste
Zero Waste Heroes!

Food Sharing
This network is based on the collection of food surpluses that are still usable for consumption and which can benefit all, not just people without resources.
This movement was born in Germany, where it has the greatest influence and since it was implemented have been able to save more than 3,500 kilos of food. Little by little, it is having more influence in other European cities.

Foodsharing España
Foodsharing Berlin
Foodsharing Copenhagen

If you know of any other interesting projects that are not on this list, please let us know on the comments below 🙂


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