8 Best tips for traveling safe

“Precautionary person is worth two” or that is what is usually said. In your trips, prevention is better than cure, these tips will help you travel safer and worry free.

#1 Basic Kit

Bring your basic first aid kit with the basic medicines you normally use. Take with you the usual medication, analgesics such as ibuprofen or paracetamol, insect repellent, sunscreen, antibacterial gel and material for cures such as gauze, bandages and antiseptics. If you want to read the article about our Must-have Travel Essentials, click on top of the link.

#2 Print your bookings

Despite carrying your reservations and boarding passes on your mobile, what if it happens to run out of battery or the mobile phone stop working? As a precaution, print these documents to keep them always at hand.
Another recommendation is that if you travel to another country where you do not speak the language, print your accommodation reservation in the language of the destination. This option is available on many booking websites such as Booking.

From our experience, when we traveled to Marrakech we had breakfast and dinner included and the reservation printed in Spanish, there was a reservation error where they told us that we only had breakfast. We could not communicate well nor access the computers with Arabic keyboard to show what we had reserved.

#3 Offline maps

The GPS does not always work and you may have some connection problem depending on which areas you are in, e.g. surrounded by some high walls within the city.
Take the previously downloaded offline maps on your mobile or paper, especially if you are on a road trip.
In this article, we recommend the Top 15 best Travel Apps where you can download offline maps and create travel routes.

#4 Passport and ID

Whether you travel abroad or within your own continent, take your passport and identity document by storing them in different places.
In the case of loss or theft, you will always have your identification and you will be able to keep traveling or leave the country without problems.

#5 Medical insurance

Your health is key! 
You can not enjoy a trip being sick or feeling bad.
Be sure to bring your health card to be able to get medical assistance in case of an emergency.
If you travel outside your own continent, do not forget to get a travel insurance.

#6 Safety lock

Despite what is believed, thefts while handling suitcases still occur frequently.
Always protect your luggage with a safety lock. Do the same especially if you share room staying at a hostel.

#7 Avoid leaving valuables in sight

If you stay in a lodging, avoid leaving valuables in sight.
There are accommodations that might not be responsible for this type of loss, especially if you share a room where there is usually entry and exit of people that you do not know or in common areas of the place.

#8 Unknown meals

Hygiene regulation rules can vary widely from one country to another. Watch what you eat, especially if you visit a country already recognized by possible indigestions.
To prevent it, you can choose plant based and carbohydrate based dishes such as rice or pasta to give your digestive system a break rather than having meat or caloric meals as well as not drinking tap water and washing your hands frequently.

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