How to travel from 1€- Online flights & travels auctions

Have you ever asked yourself how to get flight deals at a low-cost price? Do you read all the related articles and are pending of lowering prices but still haven’t found any bargain?
Then the auction portals may be a good choice for you!

You can travel from € 1 or find flights at a lower cost than the original normal price. We discover you how to do it and the tips and tricks.

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Flight auctions


Is a Spanish airline that has a tab where they offer flights auctions which are still available seats on the unsold plane.
On this website, you have the option to direct bid to different available destinations. You will see the remaining time until the auction is completed, the highest current bid amount, the destination, the departure airport and the flight dates. If you click on the same destination, you can access a complete flight data such as departure times, stopovers, total duration and remaining passenger seats.

Generally, the flights that are offered are departures the following month which have not finished to complete the quota of places available.

Trick #1: This works like Ebay, it’s best to set an alarm to let you know before the open bidding period expires, wait until the last minute to bid and take the “prize”.
Trick #2: compare average prices on the destination you want to travel, if the flight already has a high price is probably not the best option but many of the flights are sold at lower prices than normal, even less than half. Check the website occasionally and when planning a short-term trip.

Hotel stays, flights and getaways auctions

Subasta de Ocio

Is a Spanish website where you can buy all kinds of travel experiences like getaways, outdoor activities, hotel stays and flights from € 1.
Auctions start at € 0 and each bid has a value of € 1 or higher.

Personally, I have not come to use this platform but researching a little you can find all kinds of opinions both positive and negative so it would be best to try it for yourself, for a euro there is not much to lose, right?

Trick #1: Look carefully at the offers and its conditions. Some carry some extra cost that may not be specified at first sight like the tourist tax on accommodation.

Trick #2: Check previous opinions about the hotel you want to book, this always comes in handy to know what others say that have been previously in that particular hotel and if it has a good score.

Trick #3: Just like in the previous case and as in all auctions, to get the best bargain you have to watch the last minutes of the bid that is when you can become the winner. Create an alarm on your cell phone so you can be notified a few minutes before.

Sky Auction 

Is an American company that has auctions for vacation packages, hotel stays, cruises, and flights, among many other things.
Bids start from $1, so you can get real bargains for hotel nights mainly in destinations such as the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean but with options also in Europe and Asia.
Apparently, it has very good reviews but double check for covert costs and not included fees!

Trick #1: check the service fees at the end of each bargain, some of them are quite high so the offer raises the price too much. In each ad, specify which is included and not in the price.

Trick #2: Just like the previous ones, always wait at the last moment to bid and thus be assured of the price you pay for it.

Travel packages and Luxury Resorts auctions

Luxury Link

Is an American platform so the prices shown on each offer will appear in US dollars.
In it, there are daily auctions of vacation packages, luxury resorts and all-inclusive stays anywhere in the world. Before registration, you can access the auctions available at the moment.

Trick #1: Before bidding, be 100% sure because purchases are not refundable and can not be canceled once you are the winner of the bid.

Trick #2: Possibly being an American web, accommodations in the United States are the most economical. Check the original price on the hotel website and confirm that it is worth bidding for it.

Trick #3: Just like on previous platforms, there may be some hidden cost. Each ad specifies what is included and what is not, so check beforehand to launch the offer.

Do you know any of these platforms or have you had any experience with it? What do you think about the idea of traveling from € 1? Tell us in the comments below!

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